My Goals For March 2020

My Goals For March 2020

Last month , I figured out that I did not have any specific goals set and it was more like me living each day anyhow and this lead me to the realization that I achieved little to nothing . Therefore I decided to be more specific about my goals for March , thus leading me to write this post .
Below are my goals for March 2020


The following are my specific goals for March 2020 which I set to achieve.


Consistency is key but it can be very hard to be , especially if you are someone like me that loves to procrastinate. Being consistent with my blog is my most specific goal in March, because this attribute really helps to boost my blog and it will also boost my performance in other aspect of life . So I’ve decided to be consistent by creating valuable content on my blog everyday ( which I pray God helps me with) and also doing so with my Instagram (you can follow me @hoyeen_ade ) . Continue checking my blog out for consistent and valuable content this month.

Being consistent while blogging

Last month avoiding soda was one of my goals even though it wasn’t specific but at least I pulled through for a while until heat was getting the most of me . This month avoiding soda is going to be a specific goal and instead of always drinking soda I’m going to cultivate the habit of drinking water because water really helps the body metabolism and it also gives the body clear skin . So drinking more water is definitely going to be a habit .

Drinking water , avoiding soda


Eating healthy is a very good lifestyle and it is going to be one of my specific goals for March 2020 .I’m also going accompany it with doing more exercises so my body can shed excess and unwanted weight gain thus making me more fit and healthy. So from this month onward I’m going to avoid every unnecessary junks who knows I might just get flat tummy 😂😂.

Eating healthy


This shouldn’t really count as a goal but since it’s one of the things I’m doing this month I decided to incorporate it to this blog post . This month I’m going to be finally done with my service year in Ibadan which means I’m moving back to Lagos and guess who is happy 😃 meeee duh . But then again I don’t know what to expect now in other words if you see job for me please offer me one o because now I’m an unemployed youth 😩😩 .
“But I will like to japa from this county too so you can help me with that 😉😉”

Goals for March 2020

Thanks for making it to the end . 
The above are my specific goals for March 2020 what do you think about it ?

Do you have any goal or a vision board for March ? Let me know about it in the comment section.

Goals for March 2020

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Till next time , Hoyeen xoxo❤️❤️

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