weird food combos i have tried

weird food combos i have tried

Talking about food , people tend to experiment different kind of food together especially people who seem to be adventurous. There are some foods that people eat but other people find it weird to eat , while some food combos are actually weird. In the aspect of combining food i would say that i have tried a few which i would be sharing with you guys together . Like i said , some people my find it weird and other people might not. But i do find it weird because i have only tried it a few times. The following are the weird food combos i have tried .


Noodles is a light food that is meant to be eaten alone or with other sauce of protein like egg, meat and the likes. Eating bread and noodles is actually a weird combination in which some people eat together and others don’t . The first time i got introduced to combining bread and noodles was through my roommate while i was in uni. I found that combination to be a very weird one but nevertheless i tried it out but i still think its weird even though i still ate it a couple of times. No lies though its nice to eat but its not something i would try on a regular day. You can try it out and let me know what you think .

weird food combos i have tried


Another weird food combo i have tried is okra soup and rice . I don’t mean the okra soup that has pepper o; just plain okra soup with with rice . I tried this weird combo during my service year and i tried it out because i just wanted to know how it felt when it’s together . I really won’t say it was nice because it tasted bland and i had to just discard it that day. Eating okra with rice is something i am not going to try out ever again because it’s totally not it and there is no satisfactory feeling from eating it.

weird food combos i have tried          


Ogbono is a nigerian dish that is very slippery (i mean draw soup ) which is usually eaten with solid food like eba ,pounded yam and so much more. Eating ogbono and rice is a very weird food combo that i have tried which i can honestly tell you that it is worth it. A lot of people actually eat ogbono and rice together as a regular food but to me it’s weird because i won’t try it on a normal day. Asides from combining ogbono with bread , i have also combined ogbono with bread but unlike the former this is actually not nice because it doesn’t really go for me . Ogbono is a very nice soup bu not everybody can eat it but if you want to try it out make sure you are ready .

weird food combos i have tried               

All the food mentioned above are weird combos of food that i have tried before .Lets start a conversation in which you would be telling me some weird food you’ve tried and some of your experience while eating and after eaten them. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media platforms the handle is @hoyeen_ade and also share, like and repost this article .


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