Hacks for Straightening Clothes without using Iron

Hacks for Straightening Clothes without using Iron

ve been away for too long 😒 but then I decided to give you some hacks for straightening out clothes .  I really don’t know why I’ve been away but  I guess it’s due to all the things happening around which has really just downed my spirit in creating any content.
Yesterday I was fixing a couple of things after receiving a mail regarding my blog and then I decided to go through everything on my blog and I saw a couple of comments which really motivated me to write this post. If you’ve been following me since when I was running my old blog you would probably have seen this post before.Today I’m going to be sharing some hacks for straightening clothes without the use of an iron so without further ado lets get into it.


Pressing iron are really overrated especially when we have the invention of different equipments which can comfortable straighten out clothes. One of the best hack for straightening clothes is using hair equipments. There a couple of hair equipment which can be used for straightening wrinkled clothes which include :

Hacks for straightening clothes without using an iron



Hair straightener or flat iron can be used to remove wrinkles from clothes without any stress that’s why it’s one of the hacks for straightening out clothes . when using hair straighteners to straighten out wrinkled clothes the following steps can be taken
1. The first thing you need to do is to check the quality of the cloth if its either cotton or polyester.
2. If it’s a cotton material, set the straightener to normal or high heat but if it’s polyester set the straightener to low heat.
3. When you want to use the hair straightener to straighten out the wrinkles from the cloth you need to start from the edge of the cloth and then move the straightener downwards until the wrinkles are completely out.
Hacks for straightening clothes without using an iron


Hair coilers also works like hair straightener because it is has the same features as that of the hair straightener . All you need to do is just apply the same method as explained above when you want to straighten out wrinkled clothes.

Hacks for straightening clothes without using an iron


When applying hair dryer to straighten out clothes the first thing you need to do is spread out the cloth on a flat surface , then you sprinkle some water on your cloth ; after that you then switch on the blow dryer and make sure it is facing the cloth. The blow dryer will exert high heat on the cloth which would lead to wrinkles being removed.

Hacks for straightening clothes without using iron

Apart from beauty equipments there are other hacks for straightening out wrinkles from clothes without using iron which are :


White vinegar is also one of the hacks that can be used for straightening clothes without using iron and it can be done through this method.
Mix 1 part vinegar into three parts of water inside a bottle then you mix thoroughly.
After that sprinkle the mixture on the clothes
Voila your cloth is wrinkle free.

Hacks for straightening clothes without using iron


The use of damp towel is also an hack for straightening out clothes.  When you want to use a damp towel you need to do the following :
Place the cloth on a table
Use a damp towel to straighten out the wrinkle on the cloth .
Spread the cloth for a while to avoid dampness.

Spreading Overnight 

Another method to straighten out your wrinkled cloth is by spraying it with some water and then spreading it overnight .

Hacks for straightening clothes without using iron

I hope you enjoyed every bit of the hack and you are also going to try it out . This is to let you know that pressing iron are overrated and you can improvise by using any of the tips/hacks mentioned above .
NB: Always remember to fold your clothes or hang them (even though I don’t all the time ) to prevent wrinkles from being on them , so you clothes can come out looking fresh and fly especially when you are in a hurry.

Do you love to iron clothes ?
Do you think you would try any of this out ?
Can you ever be caught wearing wrinkled outfit ?
Let me know what your answers are in the comment section
If you try any of the methods do send me a picture of how it turned out .

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