The “it handbag trend in 2020

The “it handbag trend in 2020

Over the course of years , style and fashion has evolved in a very interesting way and 2020 has also proven to show great fashion trends not withstanding the pandemic. 
The year 2020 has given us wonderful fashion statement bags which has been accepted by if not all then most people. The “it” fashion bag trend in 2020 includes Baguettes, Croissant bags, Saddle bag , Croc-effect bags , Micro bags , Cow print bag and retro bag. This fashion bags has shown that they are here to stay and they also have specific features attached to each . Below are well detailed features of each fashion bag mentioned . 

The Croissant Bag :

The Croissant bag is one of the biggest “it” bag in 2020 . It has a weird shape which is actually like that of a French bread known as croissant .

The croissant Bottega Veneta bag

The first croissant to be released is the Bottega Veneta by Daniel Lee after before other brands began to make theirs.

The Croissant bag is one fashion trend that is surely here to stay.

The Baguette :

The Baguette is also one of the “it” bag in 2020. It is a vintage bag which was already in style in the 1900’s before also making an appearance in 2020 in a more advanced style.

white and purple baguette

This bag has been widely acceepted and the trend is common among most young adults . A lot of brands has made their own Baguette in different colors but similar style .

The Mi
cro Bags:


kourtney Kardashian rocking a mini bag

Micro bags are one of the craziest bag trend in 2020. The micro bags are crazy to me because they definitely cannot carry anything in them asides from bubble gum but then it’s uniqueness in size makes it stand out.

micro bag style trend in 2020

Micro bags made an appearance in 2019 and are still waxing stronger through 2020 . All I can say is this bags might be in fashion for a while.

Croc-effect bag:

Croc-effect bag are great fashion statement pieces. They are referred to as croc-effect because their leather is made from dead crocodile skin.

Croc-effect bags are of different types and it is one of the most sought after bags in Nigeria especially since a lot of local brands make it . Croc- effect bags are popular all over Instagram and styled in different ways.

Saddle bag :

Saddle bag are vintage bags. They go as far back as the early 2000’s . This fashion bag became one of the “it” bag in 2020 when lots of celebrities started carrying it .

Dior Saddle bag

Saddle bags are made by different brands including small brands and top brands . For me I think saddle bags might not be a classic for too long.

White dior saddle bag

Cow Print Bag:

Animal prints are one of the biggest trends of the season and it has been used in clothings, jewelries , Footware, bags and even makeup.

cow print handbag source:pinterest

Cow print are not an exception and the bags with cow print design has been killing the game this 2020. The cow print trend is also a big trend in the alte movement . Check out how cow print bag has been rocked .

Retro – Plaid bags :

Another bag that has become one of the biggest “it” thing in 2020 is the retro-plaid bag. Retro plaid bag are also vintage bags . The retro plaid print are also one of the biggest clothing print asides from animal print in the fashion world.

retro plaid bag

All these bags are really into the game and at least a girl should have one because the beauty and the uniqueness is really something . But then my question is are they really going to be in season till next year ?

Let me know what you think about this post in the comment section .

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